Top 10 Best Project Management Softwares

A “Project” is an idea or an application that helps in fulfilling a desired goal or purpose. A project involves the amalgam of many separate or inter-related tasks such as planning, information gathering, designing, testing, deploying and finally maintaining of the same. Thus, to manage and synchronize various activities involved in a project, a “Project Management Software” is imperative.

“Project Management” refers to the planning and handling of various tasks or processes involved from the requirement analysis to the final deployment of the product. Since the advent of the digital age, multiple Project Management softwares are available that not only gives a detailed schedule regarding various activities but also maintains a statistical analysis of the same, thus, making the life of the developing team much simpler.

Here is a list of the current best-rated 10 project management softwares:

Top 10 Best Project Management Softwares

#1 Basecamp

Basecamp is currently at the top of the chain in the list of the best project management softwares.

The main reason for such popularity for the software is that it is centralized i.e., it creates a virtual head-quarter for the developing team where they can track the current status of each of their products with To-Dos, broadcast important announcements with Message Board, can check the Schedule for the deadlines, and publish reports to summarize the executed tasks.

Speciality: Basecamp is available for free for teachers and students.

#2 Asana

Asana is an all-functionality project management software which provides numerous facilities for managing a project yet at the same time keeps it simple and efficient.

Asana helps in distributing different tasks to various team members thus, facilitating in workload reduction.

Features such as Project Dashboards, Project Progress, Smart Inbox and pre-defined or customizable Project Templates are the driving forces that lead multinational companies like TED, Uber, Salesforce and The New Yorker to espouse this software for fulfilling their requirements.

Speciality: Simple and user-friendly layout which is essentially useful if you are a small team.

#3 Scoro

Scoro is an all-inclusive solution for various problems regarding a project such as customer requirements, statistical growth, billing and reporting.

It is a dream come true software for developers as it acts as a control hub for managing various tasks in the project. Scoro’s Dashboard (see image above) is the place to find each and every information from the current progress status, the real and automated billing time to the total revenue earned per month.

Speciality: Invoice technology with pre-defined templates.

#4 Active Collab

The main reason for the growth of this software is that it facilitates its users to install and run it on their own servers instead of running it on the cloud.

Thus, Active Collab allows its users to act as a Self-Host. Apart from this, it encompasses the basic functionalities required for smoothing out the managing activities in a project such as Invoicing, To-Do list, Time-Tracking for deadlines and the Progress bar. I personally recommend you to use active collab as your project management software.

Speciality: Monthly Plan costs $25 with all salient features.


JIRA, developed by the Atlassian Group, is an agile project management software favourable for agile teams.

It mainly focusses on providing workflows for efficient and fast shipping of the software/product to maximise output with minimal cycle time.

JIRA Software App provides a simple On-The-Go software that ensures that you stay toe to toe with the developments taking place in the projects even while travelling. JIRA with the extensions of Scrum and Kanban Boards help create clarity from chaos with the arrangement of product and sprint backlogs according to the developer’s wish.

Speciality: With simple and elegant UI, and agile support, it is essentially developed for the IT-Firms.

#6 Podio

Awarded with the Editors’ Choice for the “Best Collaboration Software” by the PC Magazine, Podio is one among the best softwares for project management.

Podio reached its peak due to the addition of transparency in its software which means that every information is distributed within the team thus, promoting sharing and peer-to-peer recognition.

With 99.99% uptime in addition to automated workflows, Podio has established itself as a dependable software for running businesses, making it an integral part of companies like Volvo, Sony, Sotheby’s, Deloitte and NFL among the others.

Speciality: Podio is also supporting a cause to educate American children, in collaboration with ChanceLight.

#7 Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is basically a Project management software tool that enhances your day to day work efficiency by providing day-wise statistical data, timesheet summary and much more.

It contains a basic set of features, all providing data on a single page thus, saving the user’s time and also reducing the complexity.

The use of Gantt Chart, to compare the actual progress of the project with the expected progress, and the project co-ordinator to provide real time updates around the future tasks to be covered, and the facility to import documents and files from Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail makes it a simple-to-use and go-to software.

Speciality: 20 projects for $25 per month, and unlimited projects for $99 per month.

#8 Work[etc]

Work[etc] is a promising single cloud computing platform, i.e., all the tasks from project design to sales is handled on a single platform.

With features like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Help Desk Software (to view the entire reviews or activities done by the customer) and Automated billing softwares, Work[etc] is a handy tool that lets you build the project with ease and simplicity.

Speciality: The Help Desk Software feature allows the project maintenance team to be in frequent touch with the customers ensuring their requirements and complaints are dealt with.

#9 Wrike

Wrike, the Best Project Management Software Service provider, was developed by Andrew Filev.

Wrike offers multiple functionalities to the developers including the projects due to be completed, the current progress of the product, the growth in the sales of the product and the weekly budget.

Speciality: In addition to the features mentioned above, Wrike offers a common discussion forum where the members can post information or updates about the overall development of the product.

#10 Freedcamp

You are unarguably to be among the top ten project management softwares. If you are being used by Fortune500 companies like Google, Apple, Nike, Airbnb, PayPal, Deloitte among the others, such is the case with Freedcamp.

Freedcamp provides a full basket of features such as Milestone (deadlines set for particular goal), Wiki (a reliable storage place for all the essential documents relating to the project), Wall ( a feedback forum between the developers’ and the clients’) and 3rd Party Integrations (such as Google Drive, Gmail etc).

Speciality: As the name suggests, Freedcamp is absolutely free!! (the extensions are chargeable)

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Conclusion- Top 10 Best Project Management Softwares

Thus, summarizing the article, managing a project is a very tedious job which limits the developer from incorporating creative updates in the product. Thus, it has now become imperative to use such softwares to do your work for you so that you can focus more on optimization of the product.

To conclude the article, I would recommend that, each project has its own modules and thus, the selection of the project management softwares must be done considering in mind, your specific workflow and the features that the software supports.


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