Creating a Research Paper: Tips to Remember and Follow

A research paper is a means to formally introduce new and unique perspective upon the subject at hand, by active use of critical thinking, first-hand survey and source evaluation. It is also an attempt to summarize the existing study and to further build upon it.

Writing a research paper can be intimidating, especially when attempting it for the first time. It is a long and time-consuming process which can soon become frustrating if not done with proper planning. Here are some useful tips to remember while writing your own research paper. A Proper understanding of these tips will help you break down the seemingly mammoth task into more clear and concise goals:

Tips to Write Research Paper

Justification of chosen topic:

Before you begin to write your research paper it is necessary to build your case. You need to clearly state the reason for choosing the topic at hand and its significance. The purpose of your research paper and its target audience should be identified beforehand. Go through your expertise topics. If you are management student then you should have to consider the management related topic. If you don’t have time then you can buy management term paper from some trusted websites.

Having a clear goal and knowing your target audience helps you to structuralize your paper accordingly.

Information Gathering:

While it is okay to take information from other published journals to make your case, you shouldn’t rely solely on it. You need to ensure that the source you choose to gather information has certain, acceptable level of credibility. Also it is very beneficial to conduct first hand ground survey. This will enable you to incorporate fresh data not available otherwise and it will make your work more authentic. Also ensure that you collect information from varied source.

Framing Abstract:

Your abstract is the first tool you have to attract audience. It should be short and concise. Also make sure that it states your thesis statement clearly and provides a gist of your work in a simple manner. By reading the abstract the audience should be able to determine if it is really meant for them.

Literature review:

After the abstract, start by articulating previous works in the related field and give necessary credits to original authors. You can begin your case by first stating the existing theory and perception upon the subject. You can then build upon that in the most logical way possible to really create an impact upon your audience, which will then ensure that they stick till the end.

Document format:

Always remember that your goal is to formally share your unique perspective with the target audience. In order to achieve that you need to ensure that your work is organized in a logical fashion. Above all it should be easy to follow. The technicality of the paper should be in accordance to your target audience.


You can consider this section as your last resort to reinforce your thesis statement and your own perspective. Generally, this section is very similar to the abstract of your work. You must include your thesis statement in this section along with necessary closing remark. Ensure that you have no loose ends. By the end of your research paper there shouldn’t be any related topic or doubt left unanswered.


The bibliography is a must include for a research paper. Make sure that you mention sources of all the information you used in your paper and give proper credits to original authors. You should provide links for citations as well.


It is always beneficial to go for paper review by prominent authors or professors. Seek multiple reviews and pay close attention to review feedback. Make changes if required before going for publication.

Writing a research paper can be highly fulfilling and rewarding if done with patience and in accordance with the above mentioned key points. Writing a research paper immensely expands your knowledge base and gives you a firm footing in the research community.

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