The Future of Project Management Jobs

Before you take a step into a career in Project Management, it’s worth reviewing how the future looks for Project Management Jobs, and for your opportunities of further developing your career down this path.

The Future of Project Management Jobs

The Future of Project Management Jobs

The Future of Project Management Jobs

Basically, requirements for Project Managers have been increasing for the past number of years and looks set to do so for many more years to come.

Project management is a strong driving force in the economy; a prominent and crucial discipline used in industries as diverse as aerospace, IT, education and pharmaceuticals. In short, project management drives the business forward.

In the public sector, project management is much like a fairy godmother, turning politician’s promises of shiny new schools and roads into a reality and thus impacting and improving our lives.

One of the key underlying factors driving this is that worldwide innovation and change is growing more rapidly now than ever before, and innovation and change rely heavily on project management for their smooth integration into any organisation.

Innovation and project management are natural bedfellows. Innovation relies heavily on project management. No matter the product, strong project management will see a successful outcome achieved faster and more efficiently, having consumed fewer resources.

And, make no mistake, innovation drives any economy. Government reports constantly tell us innovative businesses have more success, grow faster, have more confidence, more competitiveness, grow faster, are more productive and have better long-term outcomes.

Today’s project managers need to be one step ahead, on top of trends and looking to the future for growing niche areas where opportunities might be.

Areas like healthcare, leisure, hospitality and the environment provide a myriad of areas and opportunities that can be focused on. But to understand how they will impact on us tomorrow, we need to look at how they affect us today.

For example, people are living longer and staying healthier well into old age. This will see a significant growth of construction projects for healthcare facilities, residential homes for older people, as well as projects that circle around hospitality, travel, second property purchase and development and entertainment.

Another area for possible future focus is the environment. Opportunities for Project Management Jobs will present themselves in the areas of alternative energy, water and wind management as ecological factors continue to come to the fore.

Project managers should also look outside their own communities and even countries to forge ahead in the future.

Knowledge of culture, diversity and respect will be big factors that will assist tomorrow’s leaders in the field to work in emerging countries like India, Brazil, China, Vietnam and Iran in areas such as expatriate training.

And education is another field future project managers should continue to study. In the future, it is envisaged that students come to project management at an even earlier age, specifically in post-primary educational setting, with dialogue in how to shape educational pathways right through to university.

Smart project managers will seek out and address these trends today so that they are well equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the future.

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