How to open mpp file without having MS Project?

If you work with Microsoft Project, then you should feel familiar with .mpp file. It’s the extension associated with Ms Project.

Seasoned project managers often use MS Project, but in many cases, there is a group of people withing the project team who only need to view the plan created by the planner, manager or lead. To access MS Project, the company need to purchase additional licenses to the group of people, and often, that’s not economically viable. Imagine if the number of people who need to view and implement the plan is larger like 100 people. It means 100 additional MS Project licenses for the company.

In such cases, using a Microsoft Project Viewer is essential for the project team.

Another case are students and individuals who are not involved in project management, but need to access certain .mpp file. Do they need to buy a license for a single project plan? Certainly not.

What are the options?

The scenario is that you don’t have a Microsoft Project installed on your computer and you don’t want to install third-party software for your .mpp.

There are many software tools for viewing MS Project plans, and most of them offer a free trial for the users. While that is great if you want to test the software before everything, it would be even greater if you don’t need to install any software of your computer, but still open your mpp.

That would be a “free to use” web application like the one of Seavus Project Viewer.

Step 1) Head to the Online Microsot Project Viewer page, and decide how to you want to open your mpp. You have two options here: to open the file stored on your computer or connect with cloud storage like Google Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive, and open the file from cloud.

Step 2) Open your .mpp file. If you decide to open an mpp which is stored on your computer, there is even an option to drag and drop the file, which means the whole process could be performed in less than 10 seconds. No downloads, no installation.

This web application for opening Microsoft Project Plans online is intended for individuals who only need to view and analyze the plan, and not to edit it. The .mpp file should be up to 2MB in size, while the version is not important. It works with project files of MS Project 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

What’s even better, with the online project viewer you have the option to open .mpp on mobile or tablet, and again, there are no downloads or installation.

The last benefit is that you don’t need to care if you work on Windows, Mac or Linux. All you need is internet connection.

Another great alternatives to MS Project

Project Viewer Central is desktop software, which will open project file without having MS Project installed on your computer.

Steelray is also a software you an rely on for Ms Project files. It supports all standard views from Microsoft Project, and plans can be exported in HTML and CSV. Printing is also supported.

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