Latest Business and Management Dissertation Topics

Business and Management Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a formal exposition of a subject, especially a research paper that students write to a panel and to the public. It represents the result of research and knowledge of a student on a certain topic. It is obligatory for a PhD or a Management student to render a dissertation in order to complete their degree. And it is a very tedious task to find an appropriate dissertation topic. Relax! We have your back.

A business dissertation topic can be categorised into numerous topics covering various aspects of business studies and it basically involves questions. Typically, they can be related to Organizational behaviour, Organizational leadership, International business strategy etc. In this article, you will find different categories and the topics that they consist of.

International business strategy

It involves a global analysis and discussion about various business and investment models. The dissertation involves human resources, cultural differences and the effects of cultural differences on the business and the business policy. It can consist of the following topics:

  • How can different organizations develop a successful social media strategy in the international business environment?
  • How do the Chinese companies affect the Indian market?
  • How does outsourcing the customer services affect customer satisfaction?

Project management Desertation Topics

During the lifetime of project different strategies, different individuals and entities are involved. The dissertation focuses on the difficulties faced in coordinating the project team, planning, networking and organising the project approach. It is good to come up with an innovative project idea. It involves the studying of firm resources and internal firm conditions to manage a project. The project management topics are the trending management dissertation topics for management student.

  • Is planning, managerial approach, strategy the most essential part of project development?
  • Studying the capabilities that the project managers must acquire to manage the shareholder relationship.
  • Are client presentation methods the decisive factor for the success or failure of a project?

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behaviour is the correlation between firm performance and organizational culture. It investigates the managerial measurement indicators for job satisfaction of the employee. It includes the examination of ethical behaviour and the counter-norms developed by the organization. It focuses on examining the employee perception on women’s adoption of leadership in the 21st century. The mentioned topics fall under this category.

  • Will technical innovation prove to be a solution for survival in turbulent times?
  • What is the relationship between organizational culture and national culture?

Business government and society

This dissertation is based on the interconnection of business society and government. It includes measuring and evaluating the casual relationship between corporate financial performance and corporate social responsibility. It examines if the various government organizations for the people are actually working for them or just providing profit to the business organizations. The listed topics can be pointed for this category:

  • Evaluating the Obama health care reform. Is it a good strategy to preserve the benefits of insurance providers and reducing the cost health care services?
  • How do corporate policies enhance company competitiveness and enhance the economic conditions?

Organizational leadership

This dissertation analyzes the impact of organizational culture on leadership. It involves analysing how leadership can redefine organizational process in difficult economic times. It involves the examination of impact of organizational culture on leadership for the reinvention of organization.

  • Should organizations concentrate on distinguishing management from leadership to achieve corporate success?
  • What is the most effective approach: individual leadership or organizational leadership?
  • What are the most effective changes in relation to leadership in 21st century?

Enterprise risk management

In this category, the focus is on the relation between business performance and risk management. It involves the analysis of shortage in risk management systems and financial institution. It includes consideration of change management, risk management and configuration management as an integrated framework for organizational operations.

  • An investigation into share holder pressure on the organizations to implement the risk management strategy.
  • An analysis of risk management in senior management decisions for the organization.

The best way to come up a successful dissertation is to write on a topic you are interested and have a profound knowledge in. Make proper research in that area and not in a field in which you have no interest.

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